Golden Beach Living

The way of life that awaits people within the luxurious town of Golden Beach is one that is truly exclusive and sophisticated with its community that bears less than 350 homes — approximately 40 of which are oceanfront luxury homes — which are all served and protected by its very own police department.

The town of Golden Beach may be small at its total area of 0.3 square miles, but there is nothing little about the luxury that the town is able to provide. Aside from the top-notch security that is granted to all Golden Beach town residents, people are able to utilize features such as the community tennis courts and playground facilities which are perfect for people who are looking to spend quality time with their family members.

Golden Beach is a town that is run by officials who make it a point to implement strict adherence to local rules such as the prohibiting of high-rise construction as well as commercial development within the town perimeter. Also, the town ensures that any motorist that passes through their section of State Road A1A comply with road rules and regulation.

The former CEO and current chairman of Microsoft, Bill Gates, is the most notable resident of Golden Beach but within the community are other famous celebrities such as Ricky Martin, Andrew Charles Rose, Benjamin Rose, and Paul Newman.

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